Glass here, glass there, glass everywhere.

Except where the human female wants it. Remember the microscopes she ordered? The ones that took the vendor several tries to make a quote for? They arrived the other day, but not before I had a little chat with the people who packed them. When the human female’s prep techs unpacked them, the so-fragile glass stages were not actually on the scopes. No, they were jumbled into the copious packing material (so, so much bubble wrap!) One of them fell and, well…


You’d think, knowing that they were going to end up in the hands of students barely more deft than denizens of the lower branches of this planet’s primate family tree, the manufacturer would make these out of unbreakable materials. But no.

Well, some of my eloquence must be wearing off, because the human female was able to talk the vendor out of a replacement. In fact, the sales rep mailed one and had the manufacturer mail another, so now she has a spare coming and feels quite secure and smug.

I can fix that.

Later: The smugness has quite vanished. The human female has nearly completed the large order of chemicals, glassware, and other assorted oddments for the upcoming fall semester. It was all going so well, until she ran into the Great Unexplained Microscope Slide and Coverslip Shortage of ’15. She needs cases of the things.

Bad news: How many cases does Vendor Who’s Responsible have of the product she wants? One! Of each! Eheheheh! She’s had to cobble together an order for coverslips of THREE different sizes and start shopping for another slide vendor entirely! We won’t even dwell on the ordering software that makes it impossible to remove shorted or backordered items from the shopping cart when dealing with this vendor…

Good news: I’ve started stockpiling building materials for my future palace, and the numerous windows with hundreds of tiny panes each are going to be stunning.

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