Day: July 5, 2015

Gaming Gathering, Part I: What Frivolousness is this?

The human male and female are enjoying one of their midsummer traditions–they have been joined by a large number of friends (they have friends?!) from near and far for a few days of boardgames and other frivolities.

Sigyn, let us see what they are playing at this table. I do not recognize the game…


…but I approve of the color scheme. Let me guess–you’d like to play with the red and yellow markers? Very well, I am quite content with the green and black.


I cry foul! This was touted as a board-gaming get-together, but clearly, this next game has only cards:


Great Frigga’s hairpins! What sort of a game IS this? Sigyn, turn over a few more and let us see what they say.


It appears to be violent, extremely snarky, and entirely unpredictable. I like it. What is it called?


That…explains a lot, actually. Wait–there appears to be a complete second deck of cards in the box.


"Chaos Deck." I do like the sound of that! Go round up some mortals and let’s play for reals.

>|: [