Day: July 7, 2015

Gaming Gathering, Part III

Come, Sigyn, let us see what delicacies await us on the refreshments table. These gatherings are famous for sporting a wide array of delicious junk food.

By Volstagg’s embonpoint! Who brought this?!


Someone is trying to ruin things with a platter of healthful vegetables. This will never do.

Oh. I see Cheetos over there. After what happened last time, I must keep Sigyn away from them. (Her hands are still orange!) Look–over there! Do you see? It’s some of those rainy cherries you like so much.


I think Sigyn plans to camp out there in the bag and just eat her way out…

(Later) She’s been in there a while. Let me see if I can find something to entice her to rejoin me.

Aha! These will do! I know what these are–the human female’s Knittery Friend has made these before. They are the most scrumptious little cookies imaginable and the human female is quite helpless before them. To her great consternation (but the salvation of her waistline,) the recipe is a Family Secret Which May Not Be Shared.


I knew that would get you out. It looks as if there are not many left. Let us carry them into a quiet corner and indulge. The humans will just have to make do with the rabbit food.

>|: [