It is that time again.

After Saturday’s excursion into dubious driveway food, I am eager for some actual delicious fruit.

Luckily, it is just the season for those rainy cherries Sigyn loves. Last year, Sigyn and I pulled a pair of cherries to see who would get their wish. Sigyn won. I was content with that, but this year, I would like a rematch.

Ready? Go!



Best two out of three?


Curses! While we each got a whole stem, Sigyn got more of the connector…


… so she wins.

Last time, everything in, winner take all?



Pull, pull! Hnnnnngh! By Fandral’s mustache wax, these are tough cherries! Harder, Sigyn, someone has to win!


How DOES she do it?

>|: [

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