Day: July 14, 2015

Walkies in the Library, Part I: Looking out and back.

The human female likes to go for a walk on her lunch break at work. Since it has been so hot and humid lately, she has taken to doing her walking in the library. She tells herself it is exercise, but truthfully, she is so easily distracted that she is always stopping to look at something and doesn’t cover a lot of ground.

Sigyn and I often go with her. We like the view from the walkway connecting the fourth floors of the library and the annex.


Look at that horizon– this part of Midgard is FLAT. Trying to find a suitable prominence on which to build my palace is proving problematic.

That tall building that sticks up so much houses the Meteorology Department and actually creates its own weather. When it is windy, a vortex of air surrounds it. I like to station myself there on stormy days and watch the students and faculty as they try to close their umbrellas upon approach. It can’t be done, and the doors don’t open without a mighty struggle, either. Delightful!

We like to snoop and leaf through the myriad books on the library’s shelves. Some of them are quite old, by human reckoning. What do you have there, Sigyn? Ah. This is an old Botany book on the familial affiliations of flowering plants. It’s a classic. Says a dumpy Midgardian botanist book nerd I know.


Here’s another venerable tome. Sigyn likes the illustrations. Yes, dearest, I think the curators would mind if you colored the pictures.


Yes, even if you stayed within the lines.

Now she’s found this garrulous little owl and is attempting to have a conversation with it.


Shhh, Sweetling. Heads are beginning to turn!

>|: [