Day: July 15, 2015

Walkies in the Library, Part II: Going nowhere fast

Sigyn and the human female have moved on to more modern books. This one looks interesting. I can easily imagine conjuring a bit of witch-light to lure an unwary traveler to his (or her!) doom one night in the black, soundless waters of a fenny bog…


Or, you know, urging the human female out into some wet place just far enough for the water to go over the tops of her rubber boots… It’s all good.

Those little flowers are cute, Sigyn. Like little origami gift boxes. They don’t grow here, though, do they?


I prefer it when the human female looks at plant books that deal with parts of Midgard she knows nothing about. When she doesn’t know the plants, she is far less likely to spew botanical blatherments for hours.

Oh, no. Nonononononooo! The human female has found a book about the northern regions of this realm, a place she–unfortunately for me!– has actually visited. She is droning on about this plant of boreal lake lands and Sigyn is asking questions and no one plant can be this interesting and we’re not even half way through this book and….ugh. I’ll just sit here until they decide to close the book and move on.


For someone who wanted "exercise," she’s doing a lot of standing there not doing any.

>|: [