Day: July 17, 2015

Walkies in the Library, Part IV: Vedi le belle farfalle!

Sigyn, as noted, is not as enamored with ophidian reptiles as I. Just a few shelves up the way, however, is a treasure trove of books about Lepidopteran hexapods.

Doesn’t this one have a pretty cover? Marbling paper like this is a fine art. Sigyn, I bet you would be very good at it.


This book in Swedish has some very beautiful illustrations. So lifelike!


Sigyn wants to know why the halves of the butterflies don’t match. I think, dearest, that they are meant to show both the upper and the lower sides of the wings.


Sigyn admires how the little violet has been so cunningly and realistically painted.


I am thinking that I need to find one of those spikey caterpillars, enlarge it tenfold or so, and sneak it into the human female’s lunchbox…

This next volume deals with butterflies of Australia. I have heard that all the wildlife in that part of Midgard wants to kill you. This blue and white Sheila* doesn’t look too dangerous.


But wow! Look at the damage the cryptically-colored larvae can do! Where can I order a quart to release in the human female’s garden?


I am learning a lot from these library walkabouts.

>|: [

*Sheila because female and Australian and… oh, never mind.