Day: July 20, 2015

Walkies in the Library, Part VII: Finding My Style

Carpets and dead emperors and hieroglyphics and naked bronze chaps with funny hats and no modesty can all wait. I think I need to plan the OUTSIDE of my palace first. I have directed the human female to lead us to the architecture books. Ah, here is a large compendium of photographs of famous Midgardian buildings. Sigyn, help me choose something regal as a jumping-off point. It should say, "You are now in the presence of Loki, God-Emperor of Pretty Much Everything. Kneel."

There’s a lot to be said for simply erecting a standard castle-type edifice.


Imposing, strong, fairly easy to build. And it’s hard to go wrong with crenelations! Still, I think the whole square-tower-Gothic-arch-standard-one-each-palace thing has been done nearly to death. Surely I can be a little more creative.

(flip, flip, flip)

Better! This is a little bolder, a little more edgy. The human female says it is one of her favorites.


What do you think, Sigyn? I quite like the pointy bits, but when one erects an enormous tower, there is always some wag who feels compelled to make a comment about overcompensation. Besides, Mr. I-have-metal-longjohns Stark has already played the Flashy Tower card, and there is no trumping his monstrosity. (I have some unpleasant memories of that place!!!)

(flip, flip, flip)

Found it! This is what I want! It’s big. It’s bold. It has domes and towers and some VERY pointy bits.


Hmm. It says here it took six years to build. I suppose I had better get started!

>|: [