Day: July 21, 2015

Guests Check In, but They Don’t Check out!

On our way to our library walk, Sigyn and I noticed a number of black, box-like structures placed along the library’s walls. I do not know what they are.

On our way back, I have demanded that this procession stop and examine one.


It appears to be some sort of small hut or shelter. It is very thoughtful of someone to set these out for personages of my stature. The heat is so fierce these days! It is good to know that respite from the sun is never more than twenty feet away. The outside looks a bit shabby, but really, cool and shady is all Sigyn and I require. I shall examine it more closely.


Oh by Sif’s inky pigtails! Seriously?! There is THAT much of a rodent problem? And observe the size of the openings! These are not cute little nibbly mice we are trying to poison, or even fancy pet-sized rats. No, these are war-steed sized, the kind that gnaw upon the faces of the sleeping and, not content with raiding the garbage or the compost heap, tap on the glass and demand to enter one’s house. You could fit CAPYBARAS in these things!

Come along, Sigyn. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough walkies for one week! Let us hasten homeward, away from the territory of the dreaded R.O.U.S.

>|: [