Earlier That Same Day.

There she is. What is she reading? It is a picture book, and the illustrations are perfectly ridiculous. She’s pretty enough, but she shouldn’t linger by the mailbox, waiting for that invitation letter from Mensa.


"Hello, Loki. It’s good to see you! I wasn’t expecting to see you before our picnic today."

"Picnic? Oh, um, yes, the picnic. There’s been a change of plans."


"Oh. Okay. Did you want to do something else?"

"Yes, Sigyn. If you’ll just come with me, I have a big surprise for you."


"Please slow down, Loki! I can’t keep up. Say, your cape looks much darker than usual today. Is it new? It looks good."

"What? Oh, yes. It’s new. Now hurry up."

"And your armor looks extra shiny today. You’re very handsome."

"Sigyn, will you please stop babbling and just move?"

"Loki, why are you being so mean? Did I do something to… Oh!"


"You’re not Loki! Where is he?! Who are you and where is my Loki?!"

"Your witless god of mischief should keep better track of his horticultural experiments. I am absolutely as much Loki as he is. But Midgard isn’t big enough for the two of us. And since he’s done such a pathetic job of ruling since he got here, it’s time for me to take things in hand. Starting with you. They say that behind every great man is a great woman. So, woman, get behind me and try to keep up."

"No! I’m not coming with you!"

"My friends and I think that you are. Now move."


] :|<


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