Still looking.

I’m glad to have Muffy’s reassuring presence as I keep searching for Sigyn. I’m trying to keep calm and think clearly. Where might she go? She’s fond of Yelp and Benno. Maybe she stopped in to see them?

"Hello! We’re looking for Sigyn–have you seen her?"


"होइन, हामी उनको देखेको छैन। तपाईं यस स्वादिष्ट चिसो मिठाई बाँड्न चाहनुहुन्छ?"

I do not always understand Yelp, but Benno is shaking his head "No", so I guess she hasn’t been here.

"I’m starting to think something may have happened to her. We could use your help looking–will you join us?"

"पक्कै पनि। साना हँसिला लाल केटी हामीलाई प्रिय छ।"

There’s a coldness in the pit of my stomach that has nothing to do with my taste of Yelp’s ice cream.

>|: [

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