Day: July 31, 2015

Sigyn has visitors. (Sigyn speaks)

I hate not knowing what is going on, or whether Loki is safe, or—

“Arrr. On your fEet, girrrl.”

“What do you want? What does Evil Lo–What does your master want with me?”


“He’ll let yoU know soOn enough. Arf! Just remeMber: MiNd your mannerrrs when yoU talk to him, if you know what’s good for yoooo…”


Please let Loki be all right. Please let Loki be all right. Please let Loki be all right. Please let Loki be looking for me…

“How are you enjoying the accommodations? Are my associates treating you well?”

“I am just fine, thank you. But when my Loki comes for me, I will be very glad to leave. And you’ll be sorry.”


“When ‘your’ Loki comes, he will fall into my trap. I have a few little surprises for him. Then there will be only one of us. Look, he and I are the same, you know. Only I am more powerful than he will ever be. Why not side with the Loki who can give you everything you desire? I want a beautiful woman at my side. I’m giving you a choice: Swear fealty to me now, or regret it later. Once I’m ruling Midgard, I may not be as generous.”

“I will never betray my Loki!”

“Have it your way, my dear. I shall leave you to ponder your fate. Fisi, keep an eye on her.”



Oh, Loki, where are you?

: (