"Friends! I have just had a sending, a vision! I have a doppelganger, someone who claims to be my very twin. He is holding Sigyn prisoner. I think I can follow the vision and find where he is holding her. But we need to hurry–He’s power-mad and unstable, and Sigyn’s life may be in jeopardy!"

"Let’s go!"

"It’s a trap!"

"Of course it’s a trap! He’s me. Or a version of me. It’s what I’d do. But even if it means my life for Sigyn’s, I have to rescue her."

"Lemme at ‘im"

"यो फोहोर हरामी !"

"Look! This is Sigyn’s handkerchief! She must have dropped it for me to find!"


"Oh, Sigyn, love! Hang on, dearest! We’re coming! We’re coming!"


>|: [


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