Day: August 4, 2015

A Fortuitous Meeting with a Helpful Neighbor.

We have been walking for what seems like forever. I think we’re going the right way–I can sense my evil twin’s presence, and we’ve been moving in the direction that feels foulest. I wish I could teleport a group this large, but that is beyond even my powers.

"Wait! Stop! There’s something in the grass there!"


"You, come out of there! Show yourself."


"Hello, my little gray friend. We are in search of a madman who looks like me. He has kidnapped my beloved, and we mean to rescue her. Have you seen them? She has long brown hair and was last seen wearing red."



"Good! Thank you! Please take us to your uncle. Arnold, get that banana hound of yours under control and let’s go."

"Greetings, most respected elder. We are in search of a beautiful woman, wearing red, in the company of an evil man who looks much like me. He is holding her prisoner. Did they pass this way?"



"どうもありがとうございました. Thank you. It is good to know we are not wandering in circles. I will not forget your help.

"Come on, gang. I have a feeling we are very close now. Hold on, Sigyn, we’re coming!"

>|: [