Day: August 6, 2015

It is time.


"Come, minions. My ‘brother’ and his band of misfits approaches. Time to check your weapons, sharpen your fangs, whatever. Dammit, Jekyll-Hyde! Why are you always late?

"Remember, the other Loki is mine. I will give him the chance to yield to me, but I think he is probably stubborn enough to refuse. If it comes to fighting, focus on his companions, but leave him to me.

"Are you ready?!"




"This is it, friends. My senses tell me that my evil twin and his gang of thugs are holed up in this old warehouse. (Arnold, can’t you keep that beast under control?) Remember: Sigyn is our absolute priority. We get her out. If it comes to it, I will destroy my doppelganger, and I don’t mind giving my life for Sigyn’s, but I don’t expect you to fight to the death. Rescue Sigyn; defend yourselves.


"It is time."


>|: [