Day: August 13, 2015

Winding Down and Filling up (if you like, this is Marvel’s traditional end-of-credits-scene)

After Sigyn’s ordeal and the awful prison food, I want to make sure she gets a very good meal–anything she wants. She has chosen Mexican food. It’s not my favorite, but if my sweetie wants enchiladas, enchiladas she shall have! Benno and Yelp have joined us, though Muffy, Arnold, Remus, Rocket, and Groot have declined the invitation, having other engagements. Muffy has a Kendo Muffin class to teach, Arnold muttered something about electrophoresis, and Rocket is going to be very busy for a week at least, dismantling all of not-me’s evil robots for spare parts and scrap. Arnold and Remus have taken the hyena with them. I know it will end up living with Sigyn and me, but I’m a firm believer in not having random canids at the dinner table. I won’t miss Remus, either, to be completely honest. He’s notorious for hogging the chips.

Sign always orders the same dish–Enchiladas Norteñas. On those, the sauce is made out of tomatoes and not chilies. Really? I don’t trust it, but she never seems to get tired of it.


Of course, if you dump enough cheese on it, anything is edible.

Yelp is a little more adventurous and has gone right for the salsa. Nothing seems to bother him, heat-wise.


म धेरै गर्म सस मनपर्छ। अधिक खुर्सानी ल्याउन कृपया!

I worry about Benno sometimes. He’s shy and not very familiar with Mexican food, and rather than asking for help, he just pointed randomly at the menu.


Sorry, guy. I’m not sharing my flautas.

>|: [