Day: September 9, 2015

A Sentinel in the Wilderness

Sigyn and I find ourselves in this field of boulders.


It’s hot, we have no water, and these rocks go on forever.  Sigyn, reach up and I’ll help you climb.


Ehehehehe!  It looks like we’re in the howling wastes, doesn’t it?  Actually, we’re just taking in another of the campus’ inexplicable sculptures.  I don’t know if it has a name, but I think “Tall Metal Saguaro” would suit.


It’s planted in this field of cobbles and stretches into the sky near the tall tower that houses the auditorium, theater, box-office, and lots of meeting rooms.  It has been here forever (i.e., at least as long as the human female).  It is made of metal with chunks of glass. Originally, the glass was clear, but over the years it has changed first to purple and now a cloudy, dirty yellow.

That’s the Texas sun for you.  (You should see what it has done to the human female.)

Here we are on one of the glass bits in the trunk.  See?  It looks like a hunk of brick!


Some of the glass chunks have fallen out over the years.


That just makes it that much more fun to climb!

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