Mischief Update: I might be losing my touch… (Warning: Disturbingly Cow-themed)

I…I don’t know what happened.  You’ll recall that I’d managed to completely snafu-ify the human female’s order for cow-based research chemicals.  I had hoped to prolong that indefinitely, but I must have become distracted somehow, because it came.


What’s even more embarrassing is that the long-lost agar agar (the goop so nice they named it twice!) also showed up.


It was ordered on July 2 from the Vendor Who’s Responsible, and two months is a bit of a wait, but I should have been able to stretch things out far longer.

The Purveyor of Squiggly things got this week’s order completely right.

And I just can’t seem to get my plumbing magic to work correctly.  THREE TIMES in the last three weeks, the basement of the building the human female used to work in has flooded with raw sewage.  Two of those were yesterday and today!  But dammit!  I was trying for her current office, not her former one!  Still, it’s a bit annoying for her, because the person for whom she is doing some web-page work, and who needs to answer some questions before said work can proceed, keeps getting evacuated and going incommunicado.

I don’t know what’s wrong.  Maybe I am losing my strength?  I should probably take better care of myself.  Eat better. Get more sleep. Something.

It wasn’t all Pitiful Loki this week, though.  In other mischief:

–I was able to play another round of hotcoldhotcoldhotcold with three different rooms in two different buildings.  I had a couple of teaching labs good and stuffy, while the human female’s office was a nice, toasty 82F.  Each room took two work orders to get fixed, so that was all right.

–The damp, sticky drawer in the Room of Doom now behaves perfectly–but only when anyone from maintenance comes to look at it.  The rest of the time–pfft.

–I whispered in whatever passes in sea urchins for ears, and two of them set about eating the legs off one of the expensive blue starfish in the reef tank.

–I jostled elbows in teaching labs all week, so that the human female got to fill out TWO accident reports, one for a student and one for a staffer.  Then she got to file the staff one again, because that uses a different form.  And THEN she got to file a different one because it was a needle-stick involving cow blood.  (What IS it with her and cows?  It’s an unhealthy fixation, if you ask me.)

–Remember when I touched the human female’s medical history with my own brand of naughtiness?  Just for fun, I had the prescription company send her a non-bill for minus $20.00.  Her account mysteriously shows a large credit, which she guesses represents a refund for the wrongly-sent medications she didn’t take and wasn’t supposed to be charged for in the first place.  It is such fun to watch her little head spin and to listen to her on the phone trying to explain to customer service that she really isn’t owed any money.   I figure I’ll let this play out for a month or so and then get them to rescind the refund of the non-existent payment so that she ends up owing some weird amount that corresponds to transaction on record.

–I accompanied the human female to choir practice last night.  She should not quit her day job.  The choir director likes to drill the singers on proper vowel production.  Listening to them all intone, “Mih, meh, mah, mow, moo” over and over is enough to make a grown Jotun weep.  Overall, I must say that practice was pretty boring.  I amused myself by improving the director’s notes upon the whiteboard.


I believe I have earned a weekend.

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