Day: September 12, 2015

Neither a Lender Nor a Borrower…

The human female is a big reader.  It’s not unusual to find her in the wee hours of the morning, curled on the sofa or hunched over a table with her nose in a novel.  Sometimes she’s even still awake and not drooling.

She owns a lot of books.  She haunts used bookstores.  She borrows a lot of books from the library, too.  Her TBR (To Be Read) pile daily threatens to fall over and crush someone.  I’ve warned Sigyn to keep well clear of its teeteriness.  If she wants to read something from it, I will fetch it for her.

Not satisfied with raiding the local libraries, the human female frequently makes use of the Interlibrary Loan system.   She asks for books–they magically appear.  She’s addicted.  The University is quite strict about their loan policy, though.  Straps. Must. Stay. In. Place!


Humty tum, humty tumty tum.  Totally going behind the sofa.

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