While We Are at Rudder

We are back near Rudder Tower to have a proper look-around.  Probably the most famous landmark is the fountain.


Do not ask me why it is blue when everything else on the campus is maroon. That is one of the Great Mysteries of the Age.  My working theory is that the blue disguises all the dog slobber in there from frisbee-fetching canines. (It is very refreshing on a hot day.)  It used to be a tradition to throw people into the fountain on their birthdays.  The human female, in her friendless undergraduate days, was forced to throw herself in.

The Rudder Tower and Student Center Complex includes a number of nice places to sit and read or eat a snack.  This one has some nice blooming trees that are just about finished. Sigyn likes the crepemyrtle especially.


The crinkly petals make the flowers very fluffy.

And very fashionable!


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