Day: September 17, 2015

Pressies from Far Places, Part II: Curious Comestibles

The human female, greedy thing that she is, REALLY likes it when people bring her foreign goodies.  Today she is fantastically excited because someone has brought her a box of sweets.  Where are they from, Sigyn?


Oh.  India!  Interesting–I have heard they make delectable things with milk.  Hurry, human!  Open it!


Looks like three sorts of what the mortals call “fudge.”  (We do not have fudge on Asgard.  I think the reason is that no one there has the patience for all of that stirring. Frigga, maybe, but she was always watching her figure.)  Mmmm!  Smell the almonds, cashews, and cardamom!  (I shall finally find out if I like cardamom!)

आप कैंडी चोरी करते समय सभी कैलोरी बाहर गिर जाते हैं।

Someone else has given the human female a packet of little cakes.  Did you know that Midgardians have fought wars over whether these should be called cookies or biscuits?  Sigyn, while they engage in vocabularial fisticuffs, let us explore the contents of this packet.


Sniff..  Ahh.    I do like lemon!  Give me just a moment while I draw one out…


If someone was paid for icing this cookie evenly, his employer was robbed.


Look at that uneven distribution of confectionery!  Disgraceful.  The human female is sure to notice it and complain.  Let us forestall her caterwauling and do away with the offending morsel entirely before she comes back.

>|: 9