Day: September 20, 2015

Blue Baker, Part I: Sigyn Has a Drinking Problem

All of this mischief has made me hungry.  Since we can’t count on the human female to make something edible for dinner, Sigyn and I have opted to dine out tonight.  We have heard that the local establishment called Blue Baker is worth trying, so here we are.  The inside of this place is– as advertised –almost entirely blue.  Sigyn and I clash dreadfully.

We have ordered one of their wood-fired pizzas.  While we await yumminess, we are sampling some of their house-made sodas.  Sigyn is intrigued.



I am dubious.  What flavor IS blue soda, anyway?  (My first thoughts are toothpaste or window cleaner.  Please let me be wrong.)

This is a bit better–it is a bright, clear green.  Supposedly it is candy apple-flavored.


(Sip)  Meh… Not sure about that.  Sigyn, did you like—


Sigh.  I can’t take her anywhere.

>|: [