Blue Baker, Part III: In Which We Finally Get Our Food

I have exchanged the Mechanical Cicada from Hel for this tasty-looking pizza.


It has tomatoes, artichokes, and fresh basil ribbons.  The red and green toppings will help tone down the blueness of this feast hall.  (Jab, jab, jab)  I have become quite fond of Midgardian pizza, and I am a connoisseur of pizza crusts.  I shall ascertain whether it is fit for my beloved to enjoy.

This is a fine crust!  Its sojourn in the wood-fired oven has given it the perfect soft-crispy-chewy texture to which all pizzas should aspire.


Just look at those toasty little blisters!  O yeasts, ye have not died in vain!

Sigyn, how many slices do you want?  I figure if you eat two and I eat six, there will be just the right number to take home to the human female.

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