Day: September 25, 2015

Loki Helps Around the House, Part I: Folding Laundry

Grumble, grumble, grumble.  The human female has hidden Gungnir and refuses to give it back until I help with the housework.  Unfortunately, I can’t call it the way my ox of a brother whistles for Mjolnir.  She has promised to give it back when the house is sparkling.  I’ve half a mind to…  No, I suppose I will have to at least appear to help.

She has decided I’m to start with the laundry.  I am not allowed to run the washer, because reasons, so I have been dragooned into folding.  I shall start with the socks.


That’s it?  Just cuff them together?  “See?” she says.” Even you can’t mess it up.”

She is correct–it is very easy to pair the socks up just the way they should go.


Bah.  Pairs is boring.

I call this one the Sleipnir Special:


Oh.  I have been relieved of sock duty.  Imagine that.  Underwear is next?  I’m supposed to handle Midgardian UNDERWEAR?!  No way. I’m not that desperate for Gungnir yet!

Loki out.


>|: [