Day: September 30, 2015

Loki Helps Around the House, Part V: Taking Care of Kitty’s Messes

The aged and sheddy cat needs a lot of looking after.  I’m of the opinion that she should be made to clean up after herself, though.  Think about it.  She hates the vacuum cleaner.  I could take a small canister vaccum, rig up a little harness, and affix it to the cat.  She would run in terror when it was switched on and careen around the house, vacuuming as she went!  Problem solved!  The humans are so unreasonable.  I see a problem, I propose a solution, and right away, without even giving it a try, they shoot it down.

Miserable scoffers.

So, still without my beloved Gungnir, I find myself cleaning up after the cat.  She is a confirmed litter-kicker.


How she can kick litter pellets out of a hooded box with a door is beyond me.  Thus, sweeping.  These little pellets are quite hard and unpleasant to step on when barefoot.  I think I will leave a few by the human female’s bedside tonight.

I have also been tasked with “doing something about all the cat fur.”  The cat, though ostensibly short-haired, is nonetheless possessed of a truly deluxe coat, and gray fluff does tend to accumulate.


So I will gather it all up in my little basket, making sure to get every stray wisp.


And make sure that it is evenly distributed under every piece of furniture.

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