Day: October 5, 2015

A Feeble Totter ‘Round the Fall Yard

Let’s not mince words.  The yard is an unholy mess.  For a botanist, the human female has an amazingly brown thumb and, though much is attributable to her lack of work ethic, I will admit that a very dry summer and a very full schedule have taken their toll.  As well, the human female has been sick and has furthermore managed to injure herself by coughing.  How is that even possible?  I have lived for hundreds of years and seen much, but I still cannot fathom how one can throw out one’s back by means of a chest cold.

However it happened, she is moving like an ancient, rickety, sneezing tortoise today. She and Sigyn and I were invited on a field trip to the local woods, but the human female opined that walking that far was risky, as she was apt to get about halfway around the loop and not be able to make it back to the car.  Wise move, as I certainly was not about to magic her sciaticated self out of the woods if the the “hitch in her get-along” immobilized her completely.

In lieu of said expedition, the three of us have tottered out to see if anything is blooming in the yard.  Yes, there are flowers, but only the very hardiest things have survived the triple-whammy of neglect, heat, and drought.

There is a lot of butterfly-weed.


I’ve arranged an infestation of spider-mites and some sticky black aphids, but the migrating monarchs still find it appealing.  I don’t know which Sigyn loves best, the red and yellow flowers, or the butterflies.  Yes, my love, if you sit very still, one may alight upon you.


No takers?  Let us move to the side yard and try our luck there.


There is some shade here, so it may be more pleasant if you have to wait awhile.   The breeze is cool, but it is still rather warm in the sun.  Look!  Here comes another butterfly!  This one seems to prefer the all-yellow blossoms.


Dearest, let us move on to the morning glories before they fade for the day.


Decidedly not my color, but it looks good on you.  Oh, and don’t credit the human female for the masses of them.  They came up on their own.

She did plant the Senna, though.  Raised it from a tiny seed.  Sigyn, come and see the— Sigyn, where are you?  Where did you go?


Ehehehehe!  Now I see you!  That is some rather effective camouflage!  Can you do as well with the Malvaviscus?


Ummm.  Not so much.  But swinging on that looks like fun.  May I join you?


Alas!  The human female is in too much pain to plant spring bulbs, climb plants, or otherwise fully enjoy this lovely fall day.  But I do not want her to feel left out!  I have arranged for six mosquitoes to bite her, so she’ll have a half-dozen (1/24 of a gross) itchy reminders of this happy little outing.

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