Day: October 6, 2015

Mischief in the Stacks

It’s been a while since I’ve accompanied the human female to the library.  She’s walking again today (supposed to be good for her back), which is very boring.  Especially in the parts of the library where there aren’t even any books!


Clearly they are reorganizing to make room for the multitudinous tomes which are sure to be written about my glorious conquest of Midgard.  Get cracking, historians!  You are already nearly two years behind!

Where there are books, there’s really nothing to do except scan the titles as she goes loping along.  Boring, boring, boring.

Oooh–wait!  This looks promising!


Fighting humans!  That, mon ami, is my raison d’être.  While she is distracted by chick-lit, I shall peruse the contents.



Well, rats.  Apparently it is about pesticides, the environment, and bugs, and not how to vanquish Midgardians at all.  I…I feel most let down.  And also angry!  They should not give dull books such misleading and exciting titles.

Nothing for it but to put it back…


…just so…



In the middle of the kiddie books in the Curriculum Collection.  That ought to make for some interesting bedtime stories.

>|: [