Orthographical Cookies

After Sigyn’s tearful experiences relating to animal cookies, I demanded that the human female purchase something less traumatic.  Thus, this week she has brought home a big bag of crackers cookies shaped like letters and numerals.  (How many cookies does one person need?!)

Apparently, “J” is the weakest of the letters, utterly lacking in structural integrity.


We haven’t found a whole one yet!

Still, it’s an amusing idea.  Children can play with their food and then eat it.  Tots can learn the alphabet whilst snacking!

I see what you’re doing, Sigyn.  Here–I found your “N.”


Hmm.  I am beginning to believe that this package of baked goods is defective, because as far as I can tell…



There is not a single “K” in the whole damned bag…

>|: [



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