Day: October 16, 2015

Getting Sucked Into Another Hobby, Part II: So Many Colors

As I said before, the human female would really like to write in unusual colors.  I really don’t understand this newfound desire for a “signature color.”  She’s been wandering around, mumbling things like, “Am I a green person or a blue person?  If I could get a brilliant cobalt blue, that would be good.  Or maybe a deep, reddish purple.  Or a nice light green for a botanical journal.  Or a blue-violet…”  Dammit, woman, it’s just writing.   And it’s just YOUR writing, which no one is ever going to read.  Face it:  you are not Shakespeare.  You are not Mark Twain.  You are not even Bulwer-LyttonNo one  is going to be preserving the precious first drafts of your shopping lists for posterity.

How about puce?  You strike me as a puce sort of person.

She has spent far too much time trying out all of the inks the human male has in the house.


You can see that there are several blues, as well as a nice red that Sigyn is interested in.  Note also the scattered waterproofness tests here and there.  Sadly, most fountain pen inks are not reliably waterproof, and some disappear entirely when wet.


Ehehehee!  I see she has written here that this dark green is something I might like.  I do indeed!  Diamine green-black.  I must remember that, just in case I ever descend into pen madness.  The human female is leaning toward the Imperial Blue at the bottom, there.  She says it is “just the color of cooked blueberries, not blue and not purple.”  The woman thinks with her stomach.

Oh, great.  Now she is looking at inks online.  Hide the credit card.


These are from a French ink-maker. “Gaudy,” spread thinly, would just begin to cover it.  Sigyn is intrigued because many of them have botanical names, and some are scented.  I find most Midgardian perfumes crude and overbearing.  But sure, human–go ahead and order smelly ink so you can offend two senses at once!

The same manufacturer developed some special anniversary inks.  I must admit, the deep emerald is quite nice–green with flecks of gold and a blood-red sheen in some lights.  The human male says it will clog or eat the workings of many pens.  Yes!  Order that one, and end all this.

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