Day: October 19, 2015

Getting Sucked Into Another Hobby, Part III: You’ve Got Another Ink Coming

The human male and female are still playing with different colors of ink.  The male is a fan of deep green and has tried a number of them.  This is part of his collection.


Some have quite fanciful names.  There is a blend made specially for one pen emporium called “Texas Live Oak.”  Nice name, but it is not a good match for the color, which is more of a “Blah Medium Sage.”  The bottle on the right is from a part of Midgard called Pole Land.  I assume that is near the north pole of this planet.  You would think that a deep green ink from a very cold place might be just right for a Frost Giant who likes green, but sadly, no.  From the boring name (“Iron Gall Green #2”?  Really, that is the best you could do?) to its medium-dark green color, it is a disappointment.  I can only assume that Green # 1 was even more uncharismatic.


In my displeasure, I have caused the bottle to drool down its label.  Actually, there are now quite a few spots and dribbles and smears, stains and smudges around this house that could be traced to my door.  Perhaps they will induce the human female to clean.

What have you got there, Sigyn?


Oh.  That is the human male’s little swatch book in which he can keep samples of inks and the performance of various pens.  That is a proper dried-blood color, isn’t it?  I like it, but Sigyn might need something less… visceral.  And I think I would need something bolder than an Ultra Extra Fine nib.  What else do we have?


This is more like it!  This was written with a Calligraphy Medium nib in a nice emerald green.  I am given to understand that “Sherwood” refers to a forest where a famous outlaw lived.  That is perfect!  The human female is still dithering, but I think I may have found my color!

The human female likes this nib for fancy writing, and the male has offered to lend her the pen.  I would steal borrow it from her, but it is clear with touches of purple, which is definitely NOT me.  I shall keep an eye out for a pen that matches my aesthetic.

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