Day: October 20, 2015

Getting Sucked Into Another Hobby, Part IV: Look What She Found

The human female has just remembered that, somewhere, she has a calligraphy fountain pen with a whole assortment of nibs.  She is off to go poking about in the “craft room” to see if she can find it.  (That room has so many UFO’s—unfinished objects—that it’s become known as Area 51.)

Well, would you look at that.  She actually found it!  I’m impressed.


This could be fun to play with, don’t you think, Sigyn?


Oh.  Sorry.  Not for left-handers, apparently.  But we can at least look at what’s inside, right?  Maybe there’s an instruction booklet or some old samples or something.


Huh. The human female already has a distinctive hand.  That constellation of age spots is unmistakable.  (As is the scar from where she caught it on a chain-link fence while shagging tennis balls for a friend–when there was a gate not twenty feet away.  Brilliant she is not.)


I am more used to runes, but I will admit this Roman hand has a certain bold appeal.


Sign likes something a little more flowery.

Look at all the nibs. Do you know, I don’t think they’re all from the same set–some have a gold ring and some don’t.


And they’re not all clean, either.  Someone put them away inky years ago.  Look–the human male has put them to soak and think about their sins.


Very naughty, indeed.  (And since this was long before my advent on this planet, there is no use blaming me.  I didn’t do it.)

Here’s what I need for that Roman hand.


Sigyn has the long, pointy nib that the human female would need for her Copperplate writing.


Hooray!  Now she doesn’t need to buy an expensive fountain pen to do her thing, because she already has one!  What good luck!  What thrift!  What enterprise!


What a pity that once it’s screwed into the handle the cap doesn’t fit.


>|: [