Mischief Update: Let’s Play a Little Game

Let’s play a little game.  Can you tell which bits of mischief are mine and which are not?  Grab yourself a piece of scratch paper and the scribing instrument of your choice and decide whether each of the following is Loki or Not Loki


  1. Hurricane Patricia
  2.  The large printer-copier in the human female’s office suddenly decided it didn’t want to talk to any of the networked computers.  Twice.
  3. The human female’s field trip for tomorrow has been cancelled.
  4. The human female ordered disposable scrub tops and pants for students to wear if they spill something on their clothes that necessitates their removal.  The pants came.  The tops did not. After waiting, she called, and the company said they had no record of an order for tops.  What followed was like some well-rehearsed Midgardian vaudeville routine. “So it’s the pants you need?”  “No, the pants came.  I need tops.” “I don’t have an order for tops.”  “Yes you do.  They are on the same order.”  “So we need to send the pants?”  “No, we received the pants. It’s the tops we need.” “Pants?”
  5. Windows 10
  6. The human female needed to refill one of the prescriptions that keep her tired carcass running.  The online refill site wouldn’t let her log in, just kept dumping her back to the start page.  When she was finally able to submit the refill on a different site, she learned that the pharmacy changed their software provider without notice.  When she went to pick up the headache remedy, not only had they packaged nine little pills in three separate boxes, they had also refilled a different medicine, which she did not need.  Total time spent: 30 minutes on a 5-minute operation.
  7. The cat left a steaming pile of disgruntlement squarely on the sofa cushion when the humans were late getting home.
  8. Daylight Saving Time
  9. The humans’ dish-washing machine has died with a whimper.  It can fill, and it can heat, but all the moving bits no longer move.  It is capable of an unhappy whine, and that is it.
  10. There has been one more student lab accident, and another staff injury involving stitches.

I’ll just drop this photo in here so that you can’t immediately see the answers below.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.


Answers.  Score 10 points for each correct answer.

  1. Not Loki.  Since this is a storm with wind and thunder and rain and lightning and it’s big and unstoppable, I’d look to Thor for someone to blame.
  2. Definitely Loki.  Since the human male is the departmental computer geek, he got to come over and try to figure out just what the problem was.  The problem was that I was a little bored. Twice.
  3. Not Loki.  Again, most weather problems can be laid at my brother’s feet.  Sigyn was looking forward to the trip, and I can deny her nothing, so no, not Loki.
  4. Totally Loki.  The tops are supposedly on their way, but they haven’t arrived yet, so don’t file this as Mischief Completed just yet!
  5. Definitely NOT Loki.  As much as I like tampering with people’s computers, I am not wholly evil.
  6. Loki all the way.  I though the gross over-packaging was a nice touch.  Also, it might not be a coincidence that the migraines started about the time I came to live with the humans…
  7. Not Loki.  But I did laugh!  She puked up a huge hairball on the same day, so there was a mess for each of the humans to clean up, which was even funnier.  Keep up the good work, kitty!
  8. Not Loki, but I look forward to watching the humans grumble about coming home in the dark all winter.  The male, especially, routinely consigns the inventors of DST to the most painful regions of the netherworld.
  9. Loki.  I had some spectacular sparks and acrid smells planned too, but the human female had the presence of mind to unplug it, drat her.
  10. Mostly Loki.  I provide the elbow-nudges and distractions. How the students and staff respond is up to them. The human responsible for receiving the incident reports has struck up a friendship with the human female since they spend so much time communicating and commiserating!

So how did you do?  Leave your score in the comments!

>|: [


  1. I couldn’t blame you for the weather, that’s for sure. And we all know that DST was invented by a Native American who cut off one end of his blanket and sewed it to the other end to make it longer…so you’re in the clear there. The latest staff injury was due to inappropriate use of a tool (using a screwdriver as a chisel with a hammer!) so that’s not at your door step. The others….I wouldn’t pass any those past you!!

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