Day: October 27, 2015

I Don’t Think This is One of Idunn’s…

This is one of the apples the human female brought back from the big market.  If I’m interpreting the little sticker correctly, this one is called ‘Roxbury Russet.’


According to the human female, this is “perhaps the oldest American apple, having been found and named in the town of Roxbury, back in the days when Massachusetts was merely a colony.”  Some apples are better keepers than others, but let us hope that is not when this particular individual was harvested.

It is not much to look at, is it, Sigyn?  Small, hard, and green.  There are many prettier, more colorful varieties.  And look!  It’s all rough and brown around the stem.


Oh.  It’s supposed to look that way?  That’s called “russeting” and it’s harmless?  Well, well.  There’s a Midgardian belief that one should learn something new every day.  I have now accomplished this and can go home and go to bed.  But first, I am curious about how this apple tastes.

(munch, munch, munch.)  A bit mealy, but then again, it’s the end of its season.  Juicy, sweet with a nice tartness to balance it.  And even the peel is tasty.  Or, as the human female has noted in her apple-eating journal, “gobble-worthy.”  (She has no manners AT ALL.)

Hard, green, a bit rough around the edges, but unexpectedly delicious. Remind you of anyone?

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