Day: October 31, 2015

It’s That Time Again!

Last year, Sigyn and I went all-out for Halloween.  Costumes, pumpkins, candy–festivities galore!  This year, the humans and Sigyn and I have been very busy, and we don’t havea time for cucurbitaceous carvings, but we can dress up!

Sigyn started talking about what she wanted to be this year sometime back in July.  “I want to be a butterfly!”  Well, what’s the point of having a a sorcerous paramour if you can’t get what you want?  Behold:  the most beautiful Lepidopteran ever,  Legovanessa sigynii.


And because “couple’s costumes” are a Midgardian tradition, I have joined Sigyn in insectile raiment.


Let the extortion of sweets begin!  Fisi has been recruited to accompany us and carry the pillowcase full of tasty loot.

ready to go


Now, I’m no mathematician, but I think that the odds of every house in the neighborhood handing out the same type of candy must be vanishingly small.


I think there is probably a journal paper to be written about this.

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