Day: November 1, 2015

More Halloween Dress-up

Sigyn and I weren’t the only ones who dressed up for Halloween.  The human female, after having filled out more lab incident reports this semester than in the previous three years combined, rigged herself up as an experiment gone horribly wrong.  She was bespattered with chemical stains, sported a black eye and other contusions, had two ugly-looking gashes sewn up with very convincing stitches, and had a bloody pair of scissors sticking out of her chest.  I offered to help make her injuries even more real, but she declined my assistance.

And then Yelp got into the act.


I think Yelp might be spending too much unsupervised time with my brother…

“हामीलाई अपरिचित देखि कैंडी माग्छु गर्न निस्कने उद्यम गरौं”

And then there’s this poor fellow.  He and I have had dealings before, though we have since made up our differences.  He resides on the human female’s desk at work, and she has recourse to him for stress-relief.


I think she needs to look into maybe taking yoga…

But, I am nothing if not resourceful, so after we got his head back on…


… Sigyn and I made him the best “costume” ever.


A few “stitches” drawn on with a Sharpie marker and a couple of straight pins later:


Run for your lives!  It’s Franken-rex!

>|: [