A Rather Piratical Gift

Sigyn and I have been distracted by candy and costumes, and we are just now getting a chance to examine the gift that the Nature Nerds gave to the human female the other day.  I wonder what it can be?  I’m hoping it is a box of twigs and rocks, because she doesn’t deserve much better…

Ah.  It is a cunning little leather-bound journal.


Arrrr! It looks as if it should belong to a pirate.  There’s a compass on the cover, the end of the tie is a ship’s wheel, and the spine is decorated with an anchor. What ho, me hearties!


Fisi is intrigued by the rich smell of leather.


No, Fisi! Do not chew on the strap! Bad hyena! Bad! No biscuit!


Ugh. Now that we’ve hauled the crazed carnivore off, we can examine the inside.  It has an odd tan paper.


Let us try the human female’s cheap little fountain pen with the obnoxious ink.  Believe me, this tan paper tones it down prodigiously.


Oh, no!  A blot! Ack!  And the damned hyena’s back!


What a mess.  This why we can’t have nice things.

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