Day: November 4, 2015

Déjeuner Avec les Lapins

I think I have finally gotten it through to Sigyn that animal-shaped foodstuffs are not actually animals. The nightmares about living, enslaved circus animal cookies have at last abated.  We are about to put her new-found equanimity to the test, though, because the human female has brought a potentially triggering lunch today.


Sigyn, how are you doing?  You see that it’s just bunny-shaped pasta, right?  Remember we talked about how it’s just like when you play with clay–the animals aren’t real?

Sigyn seems to be handling this well, so let’s see just how life-like these lagomorphic noodles are.


I don’t see–oh, wait.  Yes, I suppose that is vaguely a rabbit.  Look:  the head is on that end and it’s running.  (You’d think the human female was running, too, to see how blurry that photo is!)


That one appears to be relaxing.  I suppose hot broth is rather soothing.


Ah.  This one is more alert.  I’ve heard that rabbits will make one of the group stand watch while the others feed.  No doubt this fellow drew the short straw today.  Or rather, this absolutely non-living, zoomorphic pasta bit is constructed so as to convey an attitude of attention.  (Whew! That was close!)


And this one is–  Huh.  Sigyn, can you tell what this one’s meant to be doing? Even accounting for more out-of-focus photography I still can’t make it out.  Is it supposed to be some sort of Yule tree?  But what does that have to do with rabbits?  Party hat with dangly bits?  Slice of carrot cake?  That’s it!  It’s supposed to be a carrot.  Like no carrot I ever saw, but with the same staggering attention to detail as the rabbits in this soup.  I guess it’s meant to be lunch for the rabbits.  Or it would be, if they were alive.  You know.  Which they’re not.

I promise.

>|: [