Day: November 6, 2015

On Safari! Part II: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

We have had a good time feeding the herbivores, who have surprisingly good table manners. The elephant even wiped his trunk after eating. Of course, I suggested that the best place to do it was on the back of some stout, matronly visitor’s dress, and there might have been some screaming, but still. That’s better than Thor does.

I wonder if we will see any of the big cats or other carnivores? They can be shy, and they spend most of their waking hours sleeping, but I hope we can glimpse some.  Don’t you, Sigyn?

Shhh! I hear rustling.


Look over there!  I think we are being watched…


That is a big pussycat.  I can tell that Sigyn is absolutely torn between wanting to run away and holding her ground, hoping he comes near enough to touch.  Dearest, do recall that lions are predisposed to run after fleeing prey. Stand very still, and try not to look/sound/smell like an antelope.


Hogun’s topknot!  He’s coming this way!   Don’t be afraid, Sigyn!  Remember, I can teleport us out of here in the blink of an eye if this beast seems inclined to put us on the lunch menu.


Oh, I think this is too close!   Sigyn!  What are you doing?!  You can’t just pet a wild–


I guess if you’re Sigyn, you can!  You’d think I’d know by now that no animal is going to be less than 100% smitten.  I think I’ll just stand over here, my love.  Give him a scritch from me!

>|: [