Day: November 8, 2015

Return to the House of Burgers

The humans have taken the human male’s student worker out to lunch.  Apparently he knows a good thing when he sees it, because he’s fleeing the Biology Department and defecting to Chemical Engineering.   Thus, we are back at the Burger House, scene of previous meat-on-bun-related hijinks.

Oh, this is rich!  The human female, opting for a “healthier” lunch, has chosen the Garden Burger today.   It’s made with grains and veggies and spices and…


I don’t trust it.

Who does she think she’s fooling?  It’s not as if she’s not going to shovel in all the fries.

But really, this is one of my favorite eateries.  The decor is nothing to write home about, but there’s just something about how the sun comes in…


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