Education Comes in Many Forms

The human female’s office mate (who has to deal with a lot of whining students) is quite fond of the saying, “Education comes in many forms.”  I have found this to be very true.

Sometimes, the lessons come thick and fast.  For example, I have arranged matters so that the human female has just learned the answers to not one but THREE questions at once.

–Where did the twist-tie from the package of tortillas go?

–What is that funny smell coming from the microwave?

–What is the best way to put out a flaming paper towel?

microwave fire

>|: [


    1. I do make it a priority to minimize the time and effort needed to keep the human female continuously unbalanced. I do more with less. So many villains underestimate the importance of finesse! Unfortunately, on this occasion, the human female noticed the fire and was able to snatch out and douse the paper towel before the fire alarm sounded. I was *so* hoping for an evacuation!

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