Day: November 11, 2015

What Goes On Inside

The students in the other lab room are studying their own internals today–how food and drink goes in and comes out, and what happens to it on the way.

The first exercise is to take a gulp of water and listen to it as it gushes down the gullet and gurgles into the gut.


What does it sound like, Sigyn?  Is my tummy talking?

Now we’re on to kidneys.  Sigyn doesn’t want to do the dissection of the pig’s kidney, but she’s pretty brave around models.  Here we have all the parts of the kidney.


Can you find the hilum, the medulla, the renal pyramid, the renal vein and artery,  and all the other important bits?  There’s going to be a quiz afterward, so take good notes.

Here’s the Bowman’s capsule.  I don’t know who Bowman was, but he seems to have liked tube-y things.


And last, but least, is the Mighty Nephron.  Here’s where all the hard work of filtering and selectively reabsorbing goes on.


This is bizarre.  Who knew human kidneys were full of little snakes?  I’m sure mine don’t look like this inside!

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