Day: November 15, 2015

Strange Midgardian Foodstuffs

I do not know which is more unbelievable–that the humans have friends or that the humans’ friend would drive in from another city just to have lunch with them.  I myself cannot usually be bothered to cross the room to dine with them, but perhaps, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt.  Perhaps the out-of-town friend, not having lived with them, is not privy to all of their not-so-charming little habits.

Ah.  The friend has come to town to watch a football game.  Lunch is just an afterthought.  That makes more sense.   There are other people coming along too.  I’m always glad of an opportunity to study human nature and recruit some more minions, so the more the merrier.

We have not been to this restaurant before.  It apparently specializes in just part of a chicken–it says so right on the silverware packet.


How bizarre? In my experience, the wing is the least edible part of any fowl, except perhaps for the beaks and feet.  No doubt there is an establishment somewhere on Midgard that serves up beakburgers and feet slaw.  I am glad we are not there!  This place is plenty odd enough.  Just look at what they’re touting:


The humans say that they are a delicacy, but surely this is some sort of joke the locals play on visitors!  Be careful, guest-from-out-of-town!  Your “friends” are trying to poison you!

The humans have not ordered the cheesy pickled things and have decided on something called “steak fingers” instead.  Do Midgardian cows HAVE fingers?  Typical of this little backwater planet.  Asgardian cattle have proper hooves. (Which are NOT edible.  Volstagg tried one once and says they’re not, and I believe him.)

And here is the food!   Hmmm.  It consists mostly of fried things, which seems to be the preferred method of preparation for anything except breakfast cereal in this part of the realm.


I am quite relieved to see that they are merely little strips of beef battered and fried, served with a creamy white gravy and some thick toast.  Sigyn is very fond of toast.

(poke, poke, poke)  I wonder what these “fingers” taste like?


Sproing!  Ehehehehe!  Sigyn is having fun with the curly fried potatoes.  Frigga used to chide Thor and me for playing with our food, but when it’s this silly, I can see that it would be impossible to resist.  Sprooooiiing!

Obviously this restaurant is mis-named.  It ought to be SPRINGS and More!

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