Potentially Perilous Postprandial Playthings

There is a smallish child among the diners at the Springs and More restaurant.  She has successfully begged a few coins from her parents and put them into one of those odd Midgardian machines that dispenses gum or trinkets.  She has come back with quite a haul—candy and toys and–


Sigyn!  How did you get in there?!  I can’t take my eyes off you for a minute!

Look!  There is a small spinning top amongst the treasures.


Don’t stare at it too closely.  It could make you dizzy!  (I wonder if that’s what happened to the human female?)  Hmm.  What else is in there?


Oooh.  A pretty jewel!  I approve of the color.  If you distract the human child, I shall pocket it and have it set in a necklace for you later.  No?  Very well.  But do not say I did not offer.

Augh!  What’s that?


Oh, no!  It is one of those rare Midgardian green sticky spiders!  They’re attracted to candy and small plastic toys!  Their bite is deadly!   Run, Sigyn!


Don’t let it bite you!


Die, you clingy green bastard!  Sigyn, are you all right?

Between the cheesy fried peppers, the cows with fingers, the boingy fries, and the marauding arachnids, we have had quite enough Midgardian excitement for one day.  Sigyn, let’s go home and do something quiet, like duct-taping the cat.

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