The last activity of the Nervous System Lab is an examination of brain waves*, otherwise known as an electro-encephalo-somethingorother.   It’s a many-stepped and exacting procedure, involving a power lab unit, a computer, cables, electrodes, electrode goo, and–what might be difficult to find among humans–a functional brain.  Case in point: the human female offered herself as a demonstration subject during the Teaching Assistant meeting, and the device registered precisely nothing.  Nevertheless, the students will be busy all week, slathering their classmates with gel and rigging them up.

Sigyn and Yelp and I have formed an enthusiastic lab group and are eager to start.




However, not all “volunteers” are pleased to be a part of Science.


*I was somewhat disappointed to learn that all the fearsome-looking equipment is used to measure the electricity coming out of the brain.  I was hoping we were going to get to sit people down and put some zaps in.  I would almost pay to see that.

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