Making Holiday Plans

Apparently the Midgardian holiday season is upon us.  I’m not always sure which holiday, because they all seem to run together.  The Eating Holiday decor showed up before the Extorting Candy Holiday, and the Shopping Holiday items were in the stores before that.

I don’t take much notice of most Midgardian customs, finding them tedious and beneath my notice, but I have found one that I think I can turn to my advantage.


I have my trusty Loki Green pen to hand.  Sigyn, help me fill out this application.  (Nothing gets done on Midgard without paperwork!)

Good thing I have nice penmanship.


300 words is really insufficient for my manifesto, but let  me see how much I can fit in…


Oops.  Some confusion about surname, there.  Let’s hope they don’t notice.  I shall press on.


That’s the end of the application.  They didn’t ask for a sketch of the float, but it couldn’t hurt to provide one.  It’s rough–Sigyn is the artist in the family, not I.


I hope this Santa Claus fellow doesn’t mind being upstaged!

>|: [


    1. Splendid! I shall send you an itemized list of all my expenses, from entry fees to materials to cleanup for the horses and hyena—and maybe Benno, if the Dramamine doesn’t work.

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