Day: November 24, 2015

What Happened to all the Little Taters?

What happened to all the little taters?  They were most cruelly boiled until they were tender and ripe for the smashing, that’s what!  Two big pots of them!

Sigyn, my love!  You’re up!  You’ve luckily missed all the sharp parts of the process, and now the human female proposes to turn these bland chunks of spudly boringness into something a little more interesting.


Look at the steam!  Careful, Sigyn, they are still very hot!  The human female says it is time for the other ingredients.

Milk, parsley, minced onion, a bit of garlic, and an obscene amount of butter.


Oh, and she’s got the mixer out!   Those potatoes won’t know what hit them!


Mmmm!  I have to admit, they do look and smell pretty good.  Do you now what we need now, Sigyn?



I expect that the human female is going to spend a good part of today in a turkey coma, and then tomorrow, the humans are planning to travel all the way across this interminable state to visit her relatives and have another turkey coma.  I may take a short hiatus from keeping this journal.   Sigyn and I are going along, and then I plan to do quite a lot of eating myself.

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