Day: December 15, 2015

It Wasn’t Me.

It is Finals Week here at the University.  With thousands of forms to grade, the Scantron grading machine in the department where the human female works has chosen this moment to crash, freeze, and otherwise misbehave.

I just want to go on record as saying that this is not my fault.  I am far too busy “helping” the programmers make twiddles and tweaks to the new BAMN purchasing program…  I mean, one itty bitty departmental scanner vs. something that can inconvenience the entire University systemPffft!  Priorities, people!

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A December Walk

The human female is taking advantage of just a bit more good weather to go for a little walk and see what’s what.  This is about the time of year that this part of Midgard gets its best fall color, which is just plain silly.  Sigyn hopes to see some today because, as you know, she is just a bit partial to the red portion of the color wheel.

Missed it by that much:


Still, a bright yellow willow with its toes in the water is very nice in its own way.

Ah, here is some red!


Edges do so count!

And here is some more red.


The human female says these “parsley-leaved hawthorn” fruits are edible.  I am all for picking some so that the human female can make us some jam, but Sigyn would rather just do gymnastics and leave the fruits for the “birdies.”  Just as well.  I was noticing today that my cloak is a bit ragged ’round the edges.  The last thing I need is to shred it even more scrambling about in thorny bushes picking little pomes.

Is there anything actually blooming?  It’s a rare day indeed that Sigyn and the human female, between the two of them, can’t find something in flower.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking very closely and–


Well, there you go.  Clever girl!

Fandral’s mustache wax!  Sigyn, look at this!  This is that one–you know, the one the human female can’t abide–the one that makes mortals all sneezy and cross.  What’s it called, again?


Oh, right.  Ragweed.  It usually flowers in October or so, but I’ve tinkered with the weather and rain enough this year that there is a nice crop of December bloomers.   Looks like it is primed and ready to churn out buckets of pollen.  Hold on tight, sweetie–I’m going to shake this stem good and hard when the human female bends down to take a closer look.  Ehehehehe!  Maybe they should call it “Snot-rag Weed!”

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