It’s Not Stamp Collecting, So It Must Be Physics

A famous Midgardian scientist once said, “All science is either Physics or stamp-collecting.”  As I noted once before, Sigyn shows alarming signs that she could easily be sucked into the stamp-collecting hobby, so rather than visit the post office today, I’ve decided we should go on a little jaunt and see what’s what at the Physics Building on campus.  Oh, charming.  The human female and her lunch friend are coming too.  The human female never stops to think that I might want to be alone with my sweetheart.

Hold on a minute!  What is this tree doing?  It is nearly Yule and it is covered with flowers!  Let’s take a closer look.  Boost us up, will you, mortal?


What the…?

pear3 - Copy


pear2 - Copy

There you go, pea-brain.

pear5 - Copy

Phew!  The flowers are pretty enough (the anthers are purple!), but they smell like dead fish!  This tree is wrong in so many ways…

Hey!  The chattering human females were so distracted by the misbehaving camera that they have gone on towards the Physics Building and left us hanging here!  Come back, you idiots!  Hold tight, Sigyn.  If they don’t come back, I will magic us down.

<a bit later> Took them long enough to remember that they had left a god hanging in a pear tree and run back to rescue us.  Human, I swear by Idunn’s little green apples that I will make you pay for this indignity!  You’d best sleep with one eye open, because when you least expect it…

All right:  Physics Building.  It’s a big new thing that looks a bit like a brick and glass wedding cake, with a top tier that leans just a tad.  (I can see it.  Why can no one else?)   The oval lobby is quite grand inside.  The floor tile is laid out in what the sign says is a Penrose Tiling design.


I approve of the twinkly bits.

This is a very tall space.  There appears to be something fastened to the ceiling.


Look, Sigyn!  It is a VERY large, freely-swinging pendulum!


Oh, I comprehend it now.  See the arc of light, Sigyn?  This pendulum is hung so that, as this measly planet revolves, the pendulum’s path will mark out the circumference of a circle. It should be coming back toward us any moment now…


Yes, here it comes!


Yes, dearest, it is quite ominous.  Do not fear, though.  Even if it were to stray from its path, the glass is very thick, and there is always my magic.  See?  It’s moving away from us now.

Uh oh.  If I know Sigyn, she is going to become hypnotized by the motion of this thing and stand watching it for hours.  I’d better find something to distract her.  Um…  Oh, look–in that case over there!  A model of some sort.  Let’s go see what it is.

Well, I am standing in front of it now, and I still can’t tell.


I assume that the little white figures are meant to represent humans, so it’s big, whatever it is.

Is it any more comprehensible from up here, Sigyn?


Ah.  Signage makes all the difference:


Impressive!  With this toy, the mortals might almost be able to see Asgard and Vanaheim.  Do you know, I think I heard the human female talking about this telescope.  The College of Science made quite a large monetary commitment to this project, which has put a bit of a squeeze on all the departmental budgets.  Ehehehehe–no raise for the human female this year!

>|: [


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