Who Knew Physics Was So Colorful?

Hogun’s topknot!  It turns out that there is some sort of  Physics Workshop or Class Event or something today, and their final project is going to be blowing up some depth charges!  Sigyn, want to go see?  I think they’re doing it in the courtyard.


Look–they’ve got five barrels!  This is going to be a BIG bang!  You’re not scared are you?  Sstick close to me.  They’re counting–8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…



What the…?  On the one hand, I am dreadfully disappointed that all the windows are still intact and no car alarms were set off, and there is no nice black cloud of smoke.  On the other hand,  there is something strangely charming about a thousand colorful plastic balls all going up at once.

Hmm.  It looks like there’s a big balcony or a rooftop garden up there, where those people are watching from above.  While people scurry around picking up all the plastic balls and returning them, do you want to see if we can get up there?

One stairwell, three hallways, and two doors later, here we are!

Oh, this is nice!  It’s a proper garden with plantings and walks and places to sit.  Sigyn couldn’t be more tickled.  Even this late in the year, there are things blooming like this cigar plant…


…and there are all sorts of signs for things that will probably bloom next year. We shall have to come and bring picnic lunches (no circular sandwiches allowed!)

Sigyn–what’s that red thing over there under the Salvia?  Some sort of bright red mushroom?


Ehehehehehe!   Funny “mushroom”!

>|: [


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