Day: December 20, 2015

In Which We Make Sparkly Things, Part I: Setting It Up

Sigyn, did you say something?


Ah, yes.  These things.  The human female’s mother is quite the crafty sort.  I do not mean that she is devious. Rather, she is usually making something delicious, beautiful, or fun.  On the recent visit, she taught me how to make these homemade “geodes.”  (Beautiful and fun, but not edible.)


Would you like to make some of our own?  First, choose a pipecleaner.  This will determine what color base the crystals form on.


That was predictable.  Now we mash the pipe cleaners into knots.  I am good at mashing.


I like your idea of putting both of our colors into the same geode.  Let’s do that.  Now we must suspend the knot in a glass vase.  First, cut some monofilament or some curly ribbon.  Yes, sweetie, the human female has a lot of embroidery thread and string, but they won’t pull out of the finished geode.  It has to be something slick.


Next,—  Sigyn!  How did you get in there?


Sigh.  One Sigyn, safe and sound.  Now we position the pipe-cleaner knot so that it will hang near the bottom of the vase, but not touch the bottom or sides.


Tie the ribbon around something to keep it in place.


Sigyn is quite the acrobat!  And I am clever with knives…

Now we make the magic solution.  (I say “magic,” but it isn’t.  Not like my magic.  No, it’s really only chemistry.)  I will dissolve one cup of borax powder in three cups of water.  This will make enough for two vase-fulls.  Now we pour it in carefully, cover the vase with a tea-towel, and wait.  Tiny crystals should start to form on the vase walls and pipe cleaners in just a few hours.  By tomorrow, our geode will be ready!

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